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ATECA Hotel Supplies & Tech Solutions offers the finest quality of beautifully crafted products from furniture, appliances, linen, amenities kitchenware to the most innovative and advanced technology solutions for the hospitality sector. We are well equipped to provide end-to-end comprehensive solutions to all sizes and styles of hotels starting from grand establishments to boutique accommodations, restaurants, clubs, spas, gyms and entertainment centres.


Technology is meant to accelerate growth. ATECA Hotel Supplies & Tech Solutions is relentlessly pursuing the objective to deliver innovative products and multi-functional technology options to hotels and restaurants that maximise user experience while boosting ROI for owners.

Our Products

Combining decades of experience and in-depth understanding of the hospitality...

Our Products-1

Combining decades of experience and in-depth understanding of the hospitality...

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Combining decades of experience and in-depth understanding of the hospitality...


Why Choose us?

At ATECA Hotel Supplies & Tech Solutions our business is based on trust with our stakeholders including customers, business partners, local communities and employees. Our goal is simple: to provide superior products and services to contribute to greater efficiency and optimization of resources in the hospitality industry while giving excellent experience to guests. With our partners we are constantly focused on reinventing tomorrow.




We are driven by ensuring the best ratio of quality, price and service in the market.


What makes us special?

ATECA Hotel Supplies and Tech Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your hotel and restaurant requirements. Our products help employees work more efficiently and productively. Today’s hospitality operations are all about technology. We provide the most advanced solutions that are defined around everything you need to make better business decisions. Our devises and software are easy to deploy and use from integration to management. We believe with the right tools and products in place you can focus on optimising your business and be more productive.
  • Catering to the latest trends in techniques and technology
  • Cutting-edge hotel, restaurant, club, gym and spa solutions with great functionality and design
  • Customised products in accordance with business requirements
  • Direct distribution of
    goods saves costs
  • Efficient production and
    supply chain management
  • Designed to reduce
  • Better quality of with
    enhanced features
  • Making high-end and
    durable equipment
  • Environment-friendly
    material and
  • All factories certified
    to meet international


No matter what your style, our fascinating range of tableware is designed to transform every meal into a memorable occasion. ATECA Hotel Supplies offers high quality multi-functional solutions for everyday life.
Designed to
every meal


Независимо от Вашего стиля, наш увлекательный ассортимент посуды создан для того, чтобы превратить подачу каждого блюда в незабываемое событие. ATECA Hotel Supplies предлагает высококачественные многофункциональные решения для повседневной жизни.


ATECA Hotel Supplies and Tech Solutions provides best in line industrial and commercial kitchen..


As a hotel owner you need to furnish new properties as well as regularly upgrade furniture in accordance with the brand standards, guest ...

Electronic Equipment

ATECA Hotel Supplies and Tech Solutions offers a complete range of state-of-the-art electronic products...


We understand that the hotel industry is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. Therefore, at ATECA Hotel Supplies and Tech Solutions we believe that the most advanced products are the ones that make the least environmental impact while creating economic and social value. For those who are committed to make a difference to this planet we offer a wide range of devices that use less power, more recycled materials and are tested to be safe for you and the environment.