Build and manage your website with the best platform for hotels.

Thanks to our technical know-how, creating a website has never been easier. We use precise specifications and innovative marketing tools to create each and every page of your site.

Our goal?

Highlight the unique personality of your hotel and boost your traffic. As a web development agency, we understand the importance of web marketing. Each of our sites is custom-made to reflect the pertinence and unique qualities of our clients. We believe a fully personalized communication strategy is the best way to help you attract more clients and increase your return on investment. Designing a showcase website, selecting suitable graphics, developing a web strategy, rebuilding a site, choosing a domain name, hosting professional sites: whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

Design and Create

In search of a reliable company to build your showcase website? To generate more sales, nothing beats a custom website designed to send reservations to your booking engine, creating a direct channel that serves as the hotel’s biggest source of income. A high-quality layout and responsive web design are also key to satisfying the needs of travelers. A website is perfect for finding new customers!

Content Management

A state-of-the-art content management system makes it easy to add or modify text and images. This system is based on a platform that offers full control of your professional website. The initial content is integrated by WIHP. Subsequent modifications can be done by the customer via a remarkably intuitive online CMS.

Web Hosting

Lightning-fast content delivery with a fully integrated CDN (Amazon CloudFront). Reserve a domain name and take your business to the next level!

Website Indexing

Incorporation of SEO standards and current best e-business practices to provide you with top billing in organic search results. In today’s super connected world, a carefully considered semantic optimization strategy is vital for gaining market share. Luckily we’re experts in Google indexing! Responsive web design and an SSL certificate are two simple ways to increase the traffic of your site.


Monitor direct income and key performance indicators from one single dashboard. Our agency seeks to help professionals succeed in the extremely competitive hotel industry. In our opinion, this can only be achieved via the use of modern and flexible management tools. Such tools are ideal for emphasizing the objectives of your hotel and customizing its sales strategy once its results are obtained.

Personalized follow-up/Support

Each member of our accounts management team is an expert in the distribution of digital media. They will be happy to advise you on best practices, troubleshooting, and other ways to improve the performance of your website.