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Infor SunSystems continues to be the ultimate multi-currency, multi-site, multi-language financial management system. Delivering real time visibility and comprehensive functionality across even the most complex organisations.

An accounting system so flexible, that it can be used in any industry, organisation or business sector.
So scalable, that it supports everything from single user setups, all the way to huge multinational corporations.
And so comprehensive that it currently powers over 9000 organisations across 190 countries of the world.

Why People Choose Us?

Over 20 Years experience
We are experts in SunSystems with over 20 years experience.

We have a dedicated support team to ensure your have access to support when required.

Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting service provides a managed environment for your accounting software

Our in house or on premises training helps you to get the most out of your accounting software

Our support team are responsive and expertly equipped to deal with almost any scenario

Customer focused
By focusing on our customers requirements we ensure every service provides you exceptional value

SunSystems Features

Why do people use Infor SunSystems?

SunSystems is an incredibly flexible FMS accounting solution for organisations ranging from a single user finance team up to hundred user finance teams spread over multiple offices around the globe.

SunSystems excels where an organisation requires assistance with one or multiple areas of advanced functionality to support:

Powerful Analysis

Easily analyse and report on the data relevant to your organisation: cost centres, projects, employees, properties, locations, funds, products or any user-defined analysis dimensions can be maintained with SunSystems’ unique analysis structure. Learn more about the Powerful Analysis capabilities.

Rapid and Flexible Reporting

Save hours on reporting, instantly update and create reports based on a live view of the data within your organisation to support better business decisions. Learn more about fast and flexible reporting.

Advanced Multi-Company Set-up

Maintain unlimited companies or departments with support for multiple charts of account structures, year-ends and analysis dimensions with automatic consolidation.

Un-matched Multi-Currency

SunSystems supports unlimited currencies and rates with up to 5 currencies available against each transaction, including: transactional, base amount, multiple reporting values and a memo values to support even the most complex multi-currency environments

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly import and export both transactional data (e.g. invoices) and static data (e.g. customer details) from your CRM, Billing, HR, Membership, Donor, booking or alternate business systems with ease.

Automated approvals

Automate approvals of any business process including employee expenses, invoice approval, new supplier requests and new analysis requests for projects, departments, funds or any other unique dimension. User-definable workflows can be approved online or from the mobile application. L

SunSystems Key Features & Benefits

  • The clear, real-time view of all your business areas helps managers make quick, informed, data-driven decision to accelerate growth and profitability.
  • You can run searches, queries, and drill around SunSystems – right down to transaction line level.
  • This is all self-service, so you don’t have to get the IT department involved.
  • The unified ledger system in SunSystems combines all your ledgers into one data source, with no need for control accounts or sub-ledgers.
  • That means instant updates to your accounts, transactions and other financial data.
  • This prevents much of the delay and stress associated with completing your period end and closing your books.
  • Super-fast data entry, such as journals and transactions, is made possible through the use of customisable forms, preset data fields, transaction imports, copying existing transactions, and integration with other systems.
  • Data accuracy can be controlled through systems settings, and business rules that can prevent or amend incorrect entries.
  • All this can be tailored to individual SunSystems users, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Each SunSystems journal line can hold up to 5 different currency values.
  • You can set currency conversion at daily, period or fixed rates.
  • Run ledger revaluations to calculate and auto-post net or separate, currency gains and losses.
  • End-to-end integration between processes such as procure-to-pay and sales order to cash, help you drive down transaction processing costs and time.
  • All processes such as payment runs, bank reconciliation and assets depreciation calculations, can be run as automated batch processes; often slashing processing times down from several days to just a few minutes.
  • Sophisticated reporting, analysis & BI tools generate up-to-the-minute regular or ad hoc reports, and data sets, at the touch of a button.
  • Even your spreadsheet reporting packs can be a 1-click refresh!
  • The comprehensive functionality, optimised through decades of SunSystems implementations, in hundreds of countries and regulatory environments, ensures painless compliance with audit, IFRS, GAAP, tax laws and other accounting standards.
  • That means you can supply them with menus and access to just the tools, functions and entry fields they need, to do their jobs properly.
  • This encourages quick acceptance of the new system because it best supports the way they need to work.
  • And user acceptance is crucial for a successful implementation project

Comprehensive budgeting and forecasting capabilities, coupled with real-time data such as for suppliers, inventory, overheads and employee related costs, gives you an accurate picture of your current and proposed spending, commitments and accruals.

  • Up-to-the-minute credit control visibility shows you who has or hasn’t paid, how close they are to their credit limits, and when payment is due.
  • So you can spend 20% of your time on admin and 80% collecting the money.
  • SunSystems’ superior cash management processes and tools mean that not only do you maximise your cash flow, but your suppliers and customers also benefit from your more efficient transaction processing capabilities.
  • Suppliers get paid on time, so they are happy.
  • And you put customers in a position to be able to pay their invoices sooner and with fewer queries.
  • The length of nominal codes in SunSystems is minimised, because important analysis can be captured at a transaction line level.
  • So your Chart of Accounts (CoA) is kept to a manageable size.
  • And you can add new dimensions to your analysis without having to create more account codes.
  • The naming conventions for all your reference records (e.g. account codes, journal types, customer codes) are controlled by you.
  • So processes, analysis and reporting are based on codes that are required by your business, rather than your systems.
  • This also means that data migration to SunSystems from your current system is easier, because you define the data mapping relationships.
  • SunSystems scales effortlessly from a single site, to handle an unlimited number of operating entities and international accounting requirements.
  • Since Day One, it has been designed to cope with this level of complexity.
  • It’s flexible architecture allows for multiple: languages, tax schedules and calendar capabilities.
  • The local chart of accounts can hold mappings to a group CoA, e.g. for consolidated reporting purposes.
  • You can even apply multiple depreciation methods to the same assets to account for different requirements at a local and corporate level.

The Infor ION integration platform connects SunSystems to your other business systems, so they operate seamlessly together to execute business processes, workflows, alerts and update your data warehouse (if you have one).

  • SunSystems has always tracked technological advances to achieve step changes in its own performance.
  • You can use SunSystems as a desktop application or through a browser.
  • Run it on a mobile device using a browser or an app.
  • Deploy it on-premises or hosted in the Cloud.

SunSystems Dashboards

Infor SunSystems dashboards are interactive visual displays of key information, direct from the live system. Pages are refreshed and updated in real time whenever data is entered into Sun Systems.
Their purpose is to provide key management information, to authorised users, on a single screen. The screens are available directly within the application or can be viewed on a tablet or smart phone.

Similar to pivot tables, “slicers” can be used to filter by Business Units, Accounting Periods, Analysis Dimensions or any other relevant selection criteria.

nformation output is arranged in “tiles”, each of which can have a drill down capability (see below). This means that users can break out information at a more detailed level, without needing to refer back to the Finance department.

When it comes to deciding what to measure and how to display this in a meaningful way, FinanSys can help with the design and structure of your dashboards. We can also help you to link to other data sources.